The Collective Soul.

Gutting. Absolutely gutting. There are a million different words you can choose, but that sums it up.

Let’s face it. It’s been an absolute shit show of a season. A non-existent pre-season. A scattergun transfer policy. Another three managers to add to the list. 40+ players. A lack of quality. One appendage. The list, unlike the appendage, goes on and on. The enquiry will take place soon enough, if it hasn’t begun already, but tonight it’s raw.

Today has been tricky to call all week. We knew we needed something to really go our way and we knew we needed to do our own job. One win. One loss. It was never, ever miracle territory though. This is football…

In the end, two of things that have underpinned our failings this season were to be the death of us; a lack of quality going forward and more importantly, a complete inability to defend properly. Swindon’s second goal really summed up our season. The moment Rose and Milsom jumped for the same ball should be used as the image on the Season 2018/19 DVD case.

There was of course a time today when the stars aligned and the celebrations in the away end when it filtered around that Cambridge had scored were noisy. But, as we know all too well, it’s the hope that kills you.

For whatever reason, when well placed to get a result, we completely self destructed. One surging run. One mistake and that was that. Between times, Macclesfield had equalised too. The air had been kicked out of everyone. Gone.

Then, with 10 minutes left, 2,000+ Notts fans clicked into life as one. Total unison. A collective soul. It was stunning to be a part of. What made it even more remarkable was the fact Swindon got a third during that time but you’d never have known. “We’re all Notts aren’t we?” rang around the County Ground above the home cheers. As Notts played out their season, the fans stole the show. It was a privilege to be a part of. After all that’s been this season, that was the moment.

As the final whistle went, the collective soul only sang louder. It certainly wasn’t for the players. It was for the club. Our club.

I am so proud to support this grand old football club. Today is a dark day, probably the darkest and it hurts. It hurts like hell. But it’s good it hurts, because it means you care. We care. We always have. We always will.

This club isn’t about the players who’ve underachieved this season. It’s not about the management team(s). It certainly isn’t about that cretinous, odious prick Alan Hardy who obviously doesn’t have a clue the damage he’s done to the club. It’s about us. The faithful. The black and white army. The collective soul.

If you’re feeling low, you won’t be the only one. But come August, that glint of optimism will be back. It’s time to rebuild, we can all see that but with a foundation consisting of the collective soul, we can comeback from this. The sun will shine on us again.


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