How long have I supported Notts County?
36 years
What Notts County means to me.

They used to mean everything to me they used to dictate my mood my week when I could take my holidays who my friends were they used to dictate when I could attend weddings / family meals. Nowadays because of a mixture of them treating me like shit and me growing up means I go to games when I want to not because I have too but I respect the fact that (a while ago) they gave me some of the greatest moments of my life and they will always be my first love but they fucking annoy me x

Rich Foster
How long have I supported Notts County?
Over 35 years
What Notts County means to me.

My first match with my dad and granddad (both massive Pies) was against Everton in the FA Cup in 1984. I was hooked. Been some incredible highs, Tranmere and Brighton play off finals, Munto. So many legends, Lund, Farrell, Jones, Yates, Drapes, Tommy, Warnock, Butch, Delroy, Hughes, Ben Davies. Some incredible lows too, Munto, at least 10 relegations, Bradford at Wembley, Ince, Sheridan, Murphy. I live in Cheltenham now so don’t go as often as I used to, but I bleed black and white and my son Isaac proudly wears his Jake Bugg shirt to football at school. I don’t expect to win every week supporting Notts, but I do expect the players and staff to know how lucky they are to represent a club like Notts and what it represents. THE OLDEST FOOTBALL LEAGUE CLUB IN THE WORLD. That is some accolade. All I ask for the last 17 games is that whoever Ardley picks, they play with passion, heart and pride. Give everything, play as if it’s your last season and don’t make it ours. We love this club and we will back you to the end as long as you give something back. COYP!

David Morris
How long have I supported Notts County?
28 years
What Notts County means to me.

The team I chose to support, when all options were open after Italia 1990. My dad’s team.
Barcode shirts, sky blue away, Home Ales and McEwan’s lager.
Warnock, Big Sam. Promotions and play offs.
Coach trips to Wembley, goals against Brighton.
Spurs away in 1991. Telling dad before the game that I had forsaken Spurs to support County and seeing pride in his face.
Standing on the old main stand watching reserves play on cold Tuesday nights.
Meeting Tommy Johnson, revering Steve Cherry.
Hearing old guys tell tall tales about Tommy Lawton, moaning about missed headers he would have put away from halfway.
The black and white, the Magpies, Juve and our influence.

Saturdays with my dad, making the most while we can. He’s 85 now and visits hospitals more than I care these days.
A link between two almost three generations where sometimes conversation isn’t the easiest to find. The desire for Notts to do well is what we share. The desire for us to play football on the ground, to fight solidly, to play for each other and the fans.
My dad and I have seen league football at Meadow Lane for 73 and 28 years respectively. Our League Status and history is something all fans and players are proud of, no matter when we’ve supported, which players we’ve seen, good times or bad. If we have nothing else compete for, that is what we cheer for and what we should play for.

That is our identity, without it what are we?


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