Notts vs Grimsby Match Ratings

Adam Collin 6

Yet to be fully convinced. Seems reluctant to leave his line, but solid handling and distribution.

Matt Tootle 7

Much more effective personally and for the team in central midfield. Made Notts more solid and allowed O’Connor to dictate.

Richard Duffy 6

Again, yet to be convinced. Very solid at times, but likes to break ranks to pressurise which can and has been exploited.

Louis Liang 6

Very Jekyll and Hyde today. First half poor, second half commanding – allowed Notts to keep the pressure on with high pressing in the right areas.

Carl Dickinson 6

Has a massive left foot on him. Dependable, understated and slightly one dimensional. Some good delivery from wide.

Alex Rodman 6

Didn’t get into the game much; seems to be playing between positions. Great dink for the first goal.

Stanley Aborah 6

Got a lot of the ball, used it well (bar the second goal). Struggles defensively in a two, lacks the legs to cover the ground.

Michael O’Connor 6

Gutted about the penalty miss, seemed to make him work even harder to make amends – personified the character the whole team showed today.

Jon Forte 6

Played out of postie wide left, although he seemed to play narrower when Oliver came on. Should’ve had more joy against Ben Davies.

Adam Campbell 5

Frustrating. This lad has bundles of ability but needs a run of games. Played through the middle but withdrawn. Some nice and not so nice touches – should’ve played up with Stead.

Jon Stead 5

Gave you everything Jon Stead gives you. Lacked service and ploughed on gallantly. Struggled in the air.


Adam Collins 6

Gave Notts energy, didn’t do much but score, but goals mean points.

Thierry Audel 6

Strong, got forward well. I’d argue he’s been one of our better players in the last calendar year.

Vadine Oliver 8

Changed the game. A real nuisance factor. Won plenty in the air, looked good popping the ball off. Deserved a goal at the end. Impressive.

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