Dear, Shaun Harvey…

Good evening Mr Harvey,

As a concerned fan of a lower league club I’d like to ask how you feel the first evening of the ‘Checkatrade Trophy’ has gone. 
As I have already shared with a member of EFL staff, I have many worries about this seasons competition – some of which have come to fruition during the first set of fixtures.
Firstly, how do you feel that Peterborough, a club entitled to enter the competition by traditional means, were beaten by Norwich U23’s 6-1, an ‘invited team’ who benefited from a hat trick by 28 year old Tony Andreu? 
Secondly, do you feel that Wycombe Wanderers, bringing on Gareth Ainsworth their 43 year old manager, have devalued the competition in anyway? I assume you will as one of your aims of the competition is to give rise to young, British talent through more exposure and game time.
Thirdly, how do you feel that 7 fixtures managed to ‘attract’ under 1000 spectators? I’d like to know how can this be a viable source of income for 7 League 1 or League 2 teams over either 1 or 2 home games of the group stage of your competition?
Finally, what do you make of the supporter backlash towards the revamped competition? Many fans have aired their dissatisfaction at most elements of the revamp;
• Invited teams.
• The failure to secure ‘big’ Premier League academies for the tournament.

• The loose interpretation of ‘regionalised groups’.

• The disciplinary rules and regulations that make the competition nothing more than a friendly competition.

• The disparity of selection rules when EFL clubs are compared to ‘invited teams’.

Although I do not expect a direct answer to this question, I will ask it anyway – would you admit you misled EFL clubs to sign up for the revamped competition on the premise ‘top’ EPL academy sides would be taking part without actually having secured these clubs participation in this seasons competition?
Yours sincerely,