Player of the year?

After a season of general dross and disappointment, Notts County fans have finally been asked to make their choice for their player of the season. Usually the award of this normally well earned accolade happens in a ‘glitzy’ evening event; not so much this year.

After the low key Twitter announcement and the (hopefully) expected cries of ‘cancel it’ and ‘nobody’ the clubs official feed then revealed the award would be given out pitch side at the last home game of the season; probably one of the best decisions the club has made all season.

Personally, asking Notts fans to choose a player of the season is embarrassing. In a season that offered so much and saw us get through three managers and endless piss poor decisions from on high, most fans want this season over and some don’t see any players as deserving of such an award.

Based on the season gone by, ability wise, Aboroah should win it. But his saga with He-who-must-not-be-named should rule him out. ‘Putting a shift in wise’, Stead has it in the bag – although a lot of fans seem to be ignoring his chronic lack of general football ability. For a man who has played at an excellent level he has virtually no first touch. Sentimentally, Mike Edwards has a chance to win it, purely based on the fact that he wasn’t meant to play, has played about 15 games and has done okay(ish).

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Twitter effort to get Will Hayhurst to win it, but there’s still time of course.


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