All this for £22 a game?

Never have I seen or heard Notts fans crucify a manager like they did today. 

As previously posted, Notts put in a horrid performance today and the day itself went from bad to worse the second Leyton Orient scored. Firstly, we heard a rendition of the classic;

“What a load of rubbish…”

Then, after Notts carved up the restart, track two started up;

“You don’t know what you’re doing…”

These two football classics were followed up with renditions of;

“Make a sub, make a sub, make a sub…” and “Jamie Fullarton, get out of our club…”

The last ‘choon’ in particular rang loud from a very, very disgruntled Kop stand. The Twittersphere blew up post 5pm. Some thought the outburst was fully justified, some saw Notts fans as being a disgrace and others were seemingly indifferent. The fact of the matter is, the general fanbase is angry but there are different theories on why. There are two quite obvious sources of the frustration.


Anyone who went today will tell you that wasn’t good enough. Fullarton is quite obviously a manager who wants to contain the opposition and be hard to beat. Away from home, this tactic will wash for a while. At home it is a massive no no. Especially when containing the opposition takes away from every ounce of attacking threat we possess.

Izale McLeod, undoubtedly our main source of consistent goals, is totally isolated. We cannot control games from central midfield. We seem incapable of putting together passing moves due to a chronic lack of movement. We are failing to make use of full backs who could do plenty of damage in attacking phases of play. 

Added to this, Fullarton is obviously overlooking the better players in the squad, most notably Stanley Aborah. Based on that performance today, it’s a complete disgrace Aborah is stood out the back of the Pavis Stand, posing for selfies, telling people he’s fit but Fullarton doesn’t like him and he’s been told to find a new club. Aborah is undoubtedly one of our best players and it’s scandalous Alan Smith is allowed to keep his place over him. Whatever Fullarton’s issue with Aborah is, he needs to bite the bullet and play him.

There are plenty of other players who should be nearer the team than they are currently. Adam Campbell, Graham Burke and Genaro Snijders are just 3 who could have taken Noble’s (or Smith’s with Noble moving into centre midfield) place in that team today.

Oh, and Jimmy Spencer scored again today…


A lot of people alluded to the idea that Fullarton shouldn’t have been subjected to the abuse he was today, it should have been Trew. This is an idea I can certainly get behind. 

Before we get started, yes, Trew saved our football club. And I and every Notts fan will be eternally grateful for that. But that does not give him a divine right not to be questioned. One major factor of us being in the shit state we find ourselves is Trew. Curle, Allen and Derry should never have been sacked and Short, Ince (fucking Paul Ince…) Kiyomya and Fullarton should never have been hired. 

11 managers in 6 years is an absolute disgrace. Making the same mistake time and time again is also a disgrace and Fullarton is the icing on the cake. When Moniz was sacked we were told we’d be appointing an experienced manager who could get the best out of the team. We got an under 21 coach who interviewed well. Fullarton never had nor will he have the backing of the fans; 6 games in and the fans are singing “Jamie Fullarton get out of our club…”

Trew knew what we needed, the fans knew and I guarantee those players did too and all of a sudden an absolute nobody is given the job. No amount of media fluff masks the fact that Fullarton is more than likely the cheap option, a quiet frontman who won’t bother Trew with requests of exotic talents from the continent. Someone who will be so grateful for a crack at management he’ll bat away the stick the fans will give him with monotone, shit filled interviews. 

All this for £22 a game? You’re kidding me right…?

Something needs sorting at that club, at our club. Trew needs to allow an experiecned Director of Football to do everything football related and employ a seriously good PR person.

Finally, and this might be controversial, but I’d sack Fullarton. What happened today was embarrassing as a fan. I don’t wanted hear hostility like that; but the feeling behind it is fully justified. It’s not Fullarton’s fault he was given the job, but he’s not up to it. Our season is over. Congratulations to whom it may concern.

2 thoughts on “All this for £22 a game?

  1. More excellent stuff Tom, glad I didn’t get a season ticket but what will ever change at NottsCounty. Get a decent manager and they go as club won’t invest, then a twat like RM gets given the money for IM when Spence was raring to go . Derry saw Smith no longer up to it but since he went he’s nearly every game and what is his creative output…..
    As You say, unlikely to get better short term as Curtis T has to cover as well as create, impossible at any level, and certainly Burke must be worth some game time to provide some class.
    Still paying the price for such a big squad – maybe some loans out soon .Bright spots are Hewitt becoming better each game at C/B, Atko needs encouragement or else he’ll be like Julian Kelly, but for me the only way forward is for Trews to sell up or give the club back to fans like Haydn Green did.
    Till then its a long slog which fewer and fewer fans will pay for…………

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    1. I personally would have Spencer over Stead rather than McLeod. Over a season, with service, McLeod will score double the goals
      Stead will and Spencer is a better target/hold up man than Stead.

      But McLeod won’t score the goals because there is a chronic lack of service to him which is caused by his negative tactics.


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