“He let a lot of people down today.”

Roy Carroll – 5

Failed to marshall his jumbled defence all afternoon. Put both centre halves in some dodgy situations by rolling it out. Made a good save to keep the scores level.

Elliot Hewitt – 6

A solid game. Looked good in the tackle and his distribution was generally good. Pulled up on occasion by getting too tight, but definitely merits a run in the side. Isn’t Scot Bennett at least…

Thierry Audel – 4

Drop immediately.

Mawouna Amevor – 6

Steady. Won most of his ariel battles and looked generally positive with the ball at his feet. Made a couple of mistakes but is certainly worth persisting with.

Gil Swerts – 6

Obviously a very sound footballer. Went short when needed; hit Stead when otherwise needed. Even though he played out of position, he has a clear calming influence.

Genaro Snijders – 8

An excellent home debut. Very positive in the first half; lots of running and not scared to whip the ball in. Showed more quality touches in the second half apart from his one goal scoring chance. A must for Villa and at least the next 10 games.

Liam Noble – 4

When he was on the pitch, he played very well. Lots of energy, good use of the ball and a threat going forward. But yet again though, he let more than himself down. I do not care if he got a piece of the ball, you cannot tackle like that. Sat in the Kop, I could see it was a ridiculous tackle. He planted his standing foot and stamped into the tackle – a deserved red card. No way would he have cleared the danger from the corner that led to the goal; but as soon as a team 1-0 up goes down to 10 men, the impetus of the game swings. He’s too important to drop for any longer than his ban will keep him out for, but this must not happen again. He let a lot of people down today.

Stanley Aborah – 7

Showed his quality in possession again. My one big criticism; he must pass or drive forward more often. To beat teams in this league we will have to play with a high tempo and Aborah could dictate this. Le ss Andre Boucard…

Graham Burke – 7

An interesting piece of positioning by Moniz. Seemed he’d play AMC but ended up a more traditional CM. When he got on the ball Notts looked dangerous. He has excellent quality that must be harnessed; playing him CM could be a stroke of genius. Good goal.

Adam Campbell – 7

Some may see 7 as a generous score for someone who missed 3 convertible chances but Campbell played excellently today. Another, like Burke, who can play ball. He linked up well, even though he played out of position. Will score plenty of goals when given his chance in his true position.

Jon Stead – 6

Steady. His presence flitted in and out of the game. Was quite brutally manhandled at times by the Accy CB’s. If ever a striker needed a goal…


Jenner – 5

Probably touched the ball 3 times. Dad reckoned he bagged our goal; could be his biggest contribution so far this season.

Sharpe – N/A

Didn’t have time to do anything remotely related to earning a rating.

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