Sterling by name. Sterling by nature?

So it seems that, finally, the Raheem Sterling “saga” may be coming to an end. A £49 million end. 

2 years ago Sterling was the latest English youngster propelled to the status of ‘hot prospect’, ‘the next big thing’ or even the ‘saviour and beacon’ of the next English generation. Now he sits on the verge of a move that will completely transform his life being viewed by the public as a spoilt brat dismissing his presents on Christmas Day and taking a sideways glance at his big brothers Lego X-Wing fighter.

It’s clear Sterling wants to move becase he is ambitious. He wants to win trophies and feels he’ll have a better chance at City than Liverpool; that’s fine and true. He’ll also get to play with a far superior set of players, in a better standard of European football twinned with the pressure of a title challenge, which will in turn make him a better player; again absolutely fine and absolutely true. As this happens, he’ll become an England regular and become a successful English footballer. But for every career path as above, see Scott Sinclair, Jack Rodwell but not Fabian Delph; a refreshing attitude shown by a modern English footballer.

And for Sterling, that is the key word; attitude. The way the whole issue has been handled hasn’t shown him in the greatest light. From average performances, that interview mid season and an agent with more front than Brighton Pier; Sterling seems to have a lot to rectify from only a fledgling career. Seen from the outside as the young man dismissing an excellent start in professional football for a free season ticket on the Etihad bench, Sterling needs to hit the ground running and then some.

As a fan of England, I pray Sterling goes to City and becomes a world class footballer who can lead them and us to future glories. But that will be difficult. Come August, any misplaced pass, shanked 1-on-1 or dodgy presser will see a surge of “£49 million for that Sterling? (Insert ‘hilarious’ Emoji)” from the waiting social media vultures.

March 1st; Liverpool vs Man City at Anfield. Scenes.

“He looks class on YouTube…”

Don’t they all? 

After a (partial) season of discontent down at Meadow Lane, hopes are finally starting to be raised by some seemingly half decent signings. 

However, there is one major difference between this year and most others… Most of us don’t have a clue who most of them are! I’m sure a few of the names captured and courted by the Moniz Revolution are known by seasoned Football Manager aficionados, loading all leagues out as far as Qatar, but to mere mortals Swerts, Snijders, Amevor and Jenner mean nothing. Potentially good. Potentially bad.

Jenner in particular seems to have fans purring about his skills, with YouTube showing us his silky skills and direct running. But don’t they all look good on YouTube? Surely no one puts a shank to the corner flag or a cross floated onto the roof of their nets in their “Best bits” on Youtube…

At least Jenner and Swerts come with some sort of known career; Swerts hoarding an impressive 17 caps for Belgium. Whilst Snijders and Amevor find themselves in, I believe, a great position, no stigma attached, no baggage, no “he always scores past us but now he’ll be shit.” Just the opportunity to flourish.

Let’s hope they turn out to be the the YouTube stars of the future. 


An introduction…

“Barcelona; they’re too one dimensional.” 

Uttered a few days before Barclelona dismantled Manchester United 2-0 in the 2009 Champions League final – this line is up there with “You’ll win nothing with kids” for punditry drivel. For every Gary Neville caressing lines and circles around the MNF analysis screen is an ordinary football fan “talking a good game.”

Too often these nuggets are cast aside by those in ear shot, dismissing you as a twat. So here’s where the internet comes in handy…

I wouldn’t call this a serious ‘blog’ and if anyone reads it I will be forever greatful and forever quite self satisfied. A few RT’s from the footballing world would go down a treat too.

A decent number of these posts will surround the football promised land of Notts County; but why glass ceiling yourself? Football is a universal language…

If you’re not sure who Michael Thomas is, or what a Michael Thomas moment is – look him up. Or source Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby and become enlightened.